A Haunting Experience at Theater 7 Decatur IL

Theater 7 decatur il – A Laugh Out Loud Experience

Theater 7 is a non-profit, all volunteer community theater group. Its main focus is on fostering an interest in theater arts in the Decatur area. It also offers opportunities to perform onstage and work backstage.

Many unexplained encounters have occurred at the theater, especially around what may be its most haunted spot: a metal staircase in the back corner of the stage. Some have heard footsteps or other sounds and even felt their hair tingle in the presence of an unknown spirit.


Located in downtown Decatur, the theater has had a rich and varied history. Its grand opening took place in October of 1916. At the time, the city was still recovering from a series of fires that had destroyed other buildings in town. This made it necessary for the theater to be constructed with a high balcony, basements, and sub-cellars.

There was even a stagehand named Red who only had one arm and yet managed to perform all of his duties with ease. He was a true hero in the world of vaudeville and he was very popular with audiences.

In April of 1928, the Lincoln began showing talking pictures. This was a major event for Decatur and it signaled the end of the theater’s vaudeville days.


If you’re looking for a comfortable and relaxing experience at the movies, then look no further than AMC CLASSIC Decatur 10. This theater features 10 auditoriums that support premium formats like Dolby Cinema. It also provides amenities like closed captions and assisted listening devices. The theater is conveniently located near restaurants like Dos Amigos and La Gondola Spaghetti House.

During its early years, the Lincoln Square Theatre was used for various entertainment events including stage productions and vaudeville acts. It was also a venue for many small community events, such as high school graduations. The building was known for its large seating capacity and elaborate design. It was a complex structure with multiple floors, a mezzanine, and a high balcony. It also featured an orchestra and a dance floor.


Whether you’re a fan of improv or musicals, theater 7 decatur il has something for everyone. This not-for-profit organization is dedicated to reinventing the historical downtown Lincoln Square Theater into a sustainable community arts, education and entertainment center. You can help support this effort by donating or volunteering. You can also attend theatre workshops in Decatur to hone your acting skills. This is a great way to relax and have some fun with friends. You can find plenty of theatre events happening on weekends and during the week. Check them out and have a laugh riot! You will feel refreshed after the experience.


The historic 1916 downtown Lincoln Square Theatre is being reinvented as a community arts, education and entertainment center. A not-for-profit organization, Friends of the Lincoln Square Theater will leverage strategic partnerships and a focus on tourism to promote Decatur economic revitalization, historical preservation and community enrichment.

AMC CLASSIC Decatur 10 is a 10-screen cinema that offers a relaxed movie-going experience with premium formats and exceptional amenities like closed captioning, assisted listening devices and wheelchair access. Located in an upscale area, the theater is conveniently close to restaurants and attractions like Dos Amigos and La Gondola Spaghetti House.

This holiday season, get into the Christmas spirit with A Christmas Story the Musical – the enchanting adaptation of the classic 1983 film. Bring your kids and relive the tale of Ralphie Parker and his quest for the coveted Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot Range Model air rifle.


If you are looking for a unique theater experience, look no further than AMC CLASSIC Decatur 10. This contemporary theater offers a comfortable movie-going experience with 10 auditoriums. The theater also supports premium formats like Dolby Cinema and RealD 3D. In addition, this theater offers amenities like wheelchair access and closed captioning.

This theater was built on the site of a previous building that burned, and it was designed to be completely fireproof. Its huge seating capacity and sprawling stage were designed to impress, and it also housed a mezzanine and a high balcony. The theater was rumored to be haunted, and it has been the home of many theatrical productions.

The DUT cast is made up of local Decatur talent, and they bring a wildly awesome Broadway-style musical to Decatur. Their vocal talents are off the charts, and they put on a show that will blow you away!

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